One Step Closer To Opening, New Beer Labels, and Branded Apparel Available Now

It has already been a busy 2017 as we continue to prepare for our opening. While we’ve had some delays that have put us back a few months, we hope to be brewing by March. We are very excited about our new brewing system. We will be brewing on a three barrel brewing system from Stout Tanks out of Portland, OR. In addition, we will have three 3 barrel fermenters, three 1 barrel fermenters, additional 1 barrel aging tanks, and...

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Who and what is BKS Artisan Ales ?

Hello to our family, friends, neighbors, and all beer lovers ! As we work towards getting BKS Artisan Ales to opening day, we will begin providing regular blog entries to keep everyone up to date. If it seems like there hasn't been much communication regarding the status of the brewery, some of that is intentional and some of it is for our own sanity (ha ha) ! Everything we do with our brewery is by the bootstraps. My wife (Mary)...

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News Release: BKS Artisan Ales Coming To Brookside East

Kansas City, MO, October 30, 2016 – BKS Artisan Ales will be opening in early 2017 as the first craft brewery in Kansas City's Brookside neighborhood. Containing the well-known abbreviation for the neighborhood, BKS, the brewery will be located at 633 E. 63rd Street, on the corner of 63rd Street and Holmes Street. The location will house a production facility and tasting room that aims to provide local residents with quality, unique beers. (more…)

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