Build-out Nearing Completion and Canned Beer !!

These next few weeks should be pretty exciting ones for us, for a couple of reasons. Our tasting room and walk-in cooler build-out should be completed soon. Secondly, the floors for our brewery will be getting sealed. And finally, we should have power to our space before the month is up. We are attaching in a few glimpses of our space and plan to provide a good look at the entire space and equipment in our next post in June.

This first photo is where our taps, bar back, and bar are located. Imagine approx. 16 bar stools lined up and 8 to 12 taps along the bar back wall.

The next photo is our milk stout, “Holstein”, that is aged on Madagascar vanilla bourbon beans. Oh ! yeah, thats a can next to it. That’s what we packaged it in for our test batches; and what it will be packaged in when it’s for sale. As mentioned in our last blog post, the revenue generated from the sale of t-shirts and hats went towards purchasing a small can seamer. We appreciate everyones support to make it possible to can our beer for you ! Also, a quick plug for our BKS Artisan Ales t-shirts and hats. We have plenty left and please know that your purchase/support goes towards us bringing in more equipment (we’re already looking to get more fermenters added) that puts more beer in your hands. Here’s a photo of the actual canning seamer that we are using.

As we get the build-out wrapped up, we should be able to pin point some soft opening dates/events. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks. -Brian & Mary Rooney